VMU Folklore ensemble “Linago”

VMU folklore ensemble “Linago” seeks to share information about ethnographic customs, celebrations, way of life, cultural (folklore) heritage of Lithuanian culture, and to get know the ethnic basis and way of life and other countries and other cultures. This ensemble tries to develop a conscious, civic, and tolerant individual and to create a community in which the old Lithuanian traditions would be revived in the current environment.

Members of the collective can attend:

  • traditional singing and dance studio – during the classes you will have the opportunity to learn or improve your singing skills with the help of a professional vocal teacher, and to get acquainted with the specifics of singing in different regions, as well as with the songs and folk tunes of different regions. In the studio you can also learn to dance fun and sensual Lithuanian and other national (Estonian, Latvian, German) and traditional dances (polka, waltz, foxtrot, figure dances).
  • traditional instruments playing studio – during rehearsals, students will be able to learn how to play traditional music with Lithuanian traditional instruments: kanklės ir skudučiai.

No musical training is required to take part in the ensemble’s studio activities, which will take place individually or in small groups.

It is necessary to contact the ensemble heads.