VMU collectives appeared at Kaunas song and dance festival

On 1st of June traditional event – song and dance festival “Lietuva Brangi” was held in Kaunas. 94 collectives and other well-known Lithuanian soloists appeared in the spectacular event. A lot of ensembles of VMU had performed in this event: VMU Chamber Choir for Girls (head: Viktoras Masevičius), VMU mixed choir “Vivere Cantus” (head: Rolandas Daugėla), VMU Agriculture Academy mixed choir “Daina” (head: Ramunė Navickienė), VMU Education Academy mixed choir “Ave Vita” (head: Kastytis Barisas), VMU Agriculture Academy folk dance ensemble “Sėja” (head: Idalija Braškytė), VMU Agriculture folk music chapel “Ūkininkas” (head: Romualdas Sadzevičius).

This year festival was named of famous Lithuanian professional music patriarchs Juozas Naujalis, who was the head of the first song and dance festival.