VMU ŽŪA Theater “Jovaras”

Since 1996 “Jovaras” Theater is a member of Lithuanian Amateur Theater Union. The band is a permanent participant of various international and republican projects, festivals and festivals. Every year, viewers are invited to two premiers. The repertoire includes works by Lithuanian and foreign authors.

VMU Agricultural Academy Theater “Jovaras”, which celebrates 69 years of creative activity this year, leaves an indelible footprint in the lives of many students and is the only flower that the Little Prince has loved.

What is that universe ‘theater today?

It is the same as all the theaters of this Earth, just a little more cheerful, a little younger, more beautiful, faster, more funny, more inexperienced, having no patience to finish, listen, dress up, sort, sort out, more in love, more hateful. all the theaters of this Earth… their own y-pa-tin-gas! So I say:

Live, Man, Be, Play

Enjoy, jump,

Joke, laugh,

Bathing and pointing

Speak, read,

Shout, dance, try,

Run, run,

Forget about it,

Hurry up…

Come and discover our THEATER.

Don’t regret it!

Head of the Theater – Remigija Sadzevičienė

Schedule: on Mondays and Wednesdays, 17:00 – 21:00, VMU Agriculture Academy Central Palace (Studentų str. 11, Akademija, Kaunas district) 342 auditorium

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