VMU ŽŪA Folk Music Chapel “Ūkininkas”

Music quickly catches up if you have the will and the stubbornness, if you distribute your free time correctly and sway well into the rehearsal whirl, look, after a while – you are already on stage. You are bored! You are special! But of course before and after rehearsals… What music do we play? From D. Dolskis and A. Sabaniauskas to the creations created by the leader, from V. Kernagis and A. Kulikauskas to the Neapolitan Songs… Let’s Play What We Like to Viewers, What We Like.

Head of the collective – Romualdas Sadzevičius

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, 18:00 – 21:00, VMU Agriculture Academy (Studentų str. 11-151, Akademija, Kaunas district)