VMU ŠA Song and Dance Ensemble “Šviesa”

1954 At that time, the Vilnius Pedagogical Institute established the song and dance ensemble “Šviesa”, since 2019. The “Light” ensemble has become an art collective of VMU Academy of Education. For us, team leaders and artists, “Light” is the fostering of folk music and dance, hard work, for students – a form of leisure time, annual rich trips to international festivals, and during the school year – Lithuanian cities and towns. Well, of course, and the abundance of friends. The “Light” ensemble is not only a form of spending rich leisure time, but also an opportunity to acquire the necessary competencies for a teacher and to develop professional values.

The performance of the ensemble has come close to two thousand concerts. We have performed in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Holland, Romania, Norway, Ukraine, Poland and other countries. Šviesa ensemble is a participant of many national and international festivals. Never misses Lithuanian song festivals and, of course, the student festival Gaudeamus. 2003 The team was nominated for “Golden Bird” for a high level of artistic activity and performance. 2017 In the Republican Song and Dance Ensemble competition “Jievaro tiltas” was awarded II place.

Three genres harmoniously co-ordinate in the folk ensemble of dance and dance: folk dance, folk song and instrumental music. The basis of the repertoire is stylized, harmonized, as well as original.

2018 song festivals Western conductor of the ensembles, head of the orchestra Arvydas Jankus- great birbynnieks, premiere of professional song and dance ensemble “Lietuva”, arranger of works. All managers have mastered the skill of professional art groups.

Artistic Director dr. Jolanta Kisielytė Sadauskienė, choreister doc.dr. Vilius Tavoras, Head of Folk Instruments Orchestra Arvydas Jankus, accompanist of dance group Estera Paukštytė Penkaitienė


Dancers – Tuesdays – Thursdays 18:30 – 21:00 dance hall, Studentų str. 41, Vilnius

Singers- Tuesdays and Thursdays 17.30-20.30 Audience A6, Shevchenko g. 31, Vilnius (VMU ŠA)

Musicians- Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.30-20.30 Audience A7, Shevchenko g. 31, Vilnius (VMU ŠA)