VMU Folklore ensemble “Linago”

Main vision of VMU folklore ensemble “Linago” is to affiliate with a modern world and ethno-cultural heritage, which helps to create harmonious environment, to cherishes ethnic identity and forms conscious, civic and tolerant individual, brings together our community, where old Lithuanian traditions can reborn in the modern environment.
Mission of the Ensemble is to share information about ethnographic customs of Lithuanian culture, holidays, lifestyle, cultural (folklore) heritage. Moreover, it aims to facilitate the knowledge of ethnic framework and lifestyle of other cultures, to educate sensitive and tolerant individual.

“Linago” was established in 1991 and since then this ensemble carries the good name of Vytautas Magnus university not only in Lithuania, but in Latvia, Kaliningrad, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, participates in Lithuania Song Festivals, international folklore festivals „Baltica“, „Skamba skamba kankliai“, „Atataria lamzdžiai“, „Lingaudala“, „Mėnuo juodaragis“, etc. Ensemble reconstructs songs, dances, games, traditions of various calendar holidays (Mardi Gras (Užgavėnės), Easter, St. George’s Day (Jurginės), St. John’s Day (Joninės), Day of the Souls (Vėlinės), Advent-Christmas) and its spells. All this are used during the open-air festivities and concerts in Lithuania and abroad.

Three CD’s were recorded and published:

• VMU Folklore ensemble// Polyphonic Music, Songs and Dances (Bonifa, Vilnius, 2001)

• “Dūno upe lylio”. Polyphonic Songs (Together with other folklore ensembles) (Gadula, Kaunas, 2009)

• “Žėri blizga galionėliai”. Lithuanian Folk Songs and Instrumental Music (Pasaulio lietuvių centras, Kaunas, 2010)

Members of the ensemble can learn to perform the following activities:

• traditional singing (discussion of specific singing in different regions);

• traditional dancing (polka, waltz, foxtrot, figure dance);

•playing traditional music (panpipes (skudučiai), horns, birch trumpet (daudytė), pipes (lamzdeliai), kanklės, violin, harmonica, bandoneon, concertina, basolia).

Join us! You will be welcomed by fun and friendly group of people.

Schedule: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 17:00 – 21:00 (S. Daukanto str. 27-101, Kaunas)

Heads of the group – Laimutė Stasė Proškutė and Andrius Morkūnas

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