VMU Folk-dance ensemble “Žilvitis”

“Žilvitis” is a friendly ensemble of students and young people who cherish Lithuanian traditions. The ensemble was established in 1957 in then so called Kaunas radio factory. From 1988 “Žilvitis” has been the ensemble of VMU. Thanks to the leader Danutė Petrauskaitė, who was the director, “Žilvitis” has become one of the most famous ensembles in Lithuania. In 1995 and 2005, the ensemble became the winner of the most famous Lithuanian festival “Juniper” (in 2001, “Žilvitis” was the winner in a lesser degree). In 2001, the most important award “Golden Bird” was given to the ensemble.

“Žilvitis” organize various concert programs which are presented in Lithuania and abroad. The ensemble has performed in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, USA, and India. In 2000, “Žilvitis” was the official representative of the Republic of Lithuania to participate in a fest which was in Canada, Toronto. “Žilvitis” also participates in Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebrations, Baltic students’ festival “Gaudeamus”, Kaunas city song celebrations, and Kaunas students’ folk-dance festival “Ei, studente, sukis vėju”. The ensemble is active in cultural activities: invites Lithuania’s famous authors in order to collaborate together. “Žilvitis” always participates in various projects, such as VMU’s Oratorio “Sutvėrimas”, musicals “The Expected” (soloists L. Mikalauskas and R. Ščiogolevaitė) and “Karolis”. “Karolis” was presented in Vilnius and Kaunas for the occasion of Pope’s John Paulius II beatification.

At the moment ensemble consists of 65 members: dancers’ group – 30 members, singers’ group – 20 members and folk instruments’ group – 15 members.

Head of the collective – Edgaras Šnipaitis

Schedule: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:30 – 21:00, VMU Agriculture Academy III palace foje (Universiteto str. 10, Akademija, Kaunas district)

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