Registration for art activities

We invite students of Vytautas Magnus university to register for arts activities of Spring semester 2019, organized by VMU Arts Centre. All of activities are free of charge for the students of VMU.

Registration for arts activities

REGISTRATION: Students who are willing to dance, sing or play instruments at one of VMU Arts Centre artistic groups has to register for activities by logging into the Students Self-service portal. In the section “Registration“/„Arts Centre activities”, student has to choose a preferred artistic group and press the button “Enrol”.

All of the activities to which student has enrolled will be shown in Student Self-Service Portal in the upper side of the section “Registration“/„Arts Centre activities”. Students may enrol and withdraw out of the activities organized by artistic groups of the Arts Centre.

After the enrolment to the activities you should start to attend it as soon as possible, on the time which is indicated in the registration form. If you are looking for a reminder of your activities, you may look for it by logging into the students self-service portal in the section “Registration“/ „Arts Centre activities”.

For more information about registration and arts activities contact:

VMU Arts Centre
Address V. Čepinskio g. 5- 404, LT-44280 Kaunas
Phone +370 37 295 586
Mobile phone +3706 50 44546 (only on working hours)