VMU Chamber choir of women

Choir was established in 1988 by Viktoras Masevičius. The choir is the winner of international choir contests: S. Šimkus (1989, Klaipėda), Arezzo (1992, 1996, Italy), B. Bartokas (1990, Debrecen, Hungary), prof. G. Dmitrov (2003, Varna, Bulgaria), and „Moscow Sounds“ (2010, Russia), C.A. Seghizzi (1999, Italy).

It is one of the best women choirs in Lithuania which has performed over 700 pieces from various styles and eras. The choir always participates in Kaunas and republican song festivals, choir festivals of Lithuanian Universities, women-girl choir festival “Ave Maria”, and various choir fests “Lets meet in a song” in Kaunas Philharmonic.