VMU Academic student theatre

Student Theatre was established in 2006. In 2011–2012 this theatre consisted of a numerous members from different faculties of the University. Theatre’s activities were based on studying principles: members has studied the basic elements of a psychological theatre; analysed the self-preparation techniques that are used by actors and which were developed by Constantin Stanislavski and Michail Chekhov; they stimulated their imagination, focus, fantasy and acquired the essential principles on how to develop a psychological character. During the rehearsals everyone had movement-based classes and various études.

In Spring, 2008, a play “Euridikė” by Jean Anouilh was produced (director Agnė Dilytė) and presented in an international forum of universities’ theatres “Generation footprints”. In 2009, a group of active students of VMU Faculty of Arts initiated a spectacle for children “Wolf’s Christmas” (director Ina Pukelytė). In 2010, theatre has participated in the festival “Theatre in the Foyer” which was organised by VMU Arts Centre and played the act of Daniil Kharms stories “Stories of Small People of a Big City” (director Goda Piktytė). In October theatre celebrated its 1-year-birthday with a new name “ERRO” (in Latin: drifters). In 2011, May 14th (VMU Art Gallery), a new premiere “One day dream” (director Justinas Kalinauskas) was presented based on Samuel Becket’s play “That Time” and other playwrights from the 20th century. In 2015, a new premiere “Event” (director Vaidas Maksvytis) was presented in VMU Faculty of Arts. At the moment, the activities of VMU Academic Student Theatre are temporarily suspended.

If you are creative, proactive, liable, interested in the arts of theatre and would be interested in bringing together people and creating spectacles – VMU Faculty of Arts invites you to take on the leadership of the Theatre!