VDU Academic movement theatre (AMT) / laboratory

VDU Academic movement theatre (AMT) / laboratory gathers different people who want to know more about contemporary dance and its peculiarities. The movement will not only become part of the dance but will also be an expression of oneself, way of communication and self-understanding. During our sessions we will look for new ways of feeling your body, unlocking you inner self and finding compassionate ways of movement.

The idea to restore VDU Academic Movement Theatre (AMT) / Laboratory was encouraged by a desire to share a reflection of few past years, which made a huge impact for the quality of my movements, understanding the movement and its analysis. From this season theatre will include new features of a laboratory. The format of VMU AMT is oriented towards the movement in the broadest way possible. However, contemporary dance and various improvisational methods of it will be the starting point for broader researches and discoveries of the movement.

Together with a weekly lessons, contemporary dance seminars are organised by the guest teachers. Activities of VMU AMT, goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and emphasizes the enthusiasm of every member, their involvement and responsibility for the improvement and existence of the theatre/laboratory. Therefore, VMU AMT encourages creativeness and self-expression of its members. Technical dance lessons, compositions and improvisations are organised in order to let members of the Theatre to empower their ideas and discoveries that were gained during lessons.